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Aerobatic Rides - Mild to's up to you!!

Pitts Transition - Basic to advanced. Do you need to understand the basics of spins for the CFI sign-off? Or, do you want the advanced version so you can learn about accelerated, flat, and inverted spins? What about the cross-over spin? The Pitts is actually quite predictable, but not very forgiving.

Upset Training - Need to cure the "panic-pull" AOPA Pilot June 2011 had a terrific article about this. Become accustomed to angles of attack greater than +/- 30 degrees and bank angles of greater than 45 degrees. Pulling on the yoke is not always the best escape maneuver.

Basic Aerobatics - Learn the basics....45 degree lines, loops, rolls, upright spins, Prepare for the IAC Primary competition category.

Sportsman Aerobatics - This course adds several items to the basic course: hammerheads (and botched hammerheads), Humpty-bumps, point rolls, and clovers.

Advanced Aerobatics - Specialized instruction to your needs: snap rolls and gyroscopic maneuvers, tail slides, torque rolls, rolling turns.